The Quick and the UNDead

The Quick and the UNDead

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No name company, with no name actors, provide a not so distinguishable title and put out one of the most original, albeit low cost horror films I have seen in a long time. The main cowboy gets railroaded, so of course he seeks revenge. He hunts down his betrayers, and attempts to gain revenge, but this is where the typical western stops. Did I mention that the cowboys make money of of bounty hunting.....zombies. They get paid for each body part they bring in to governmental offices, and it seems this may be a real high stake employment opportunity since everyone is fighting for dead zombies. Some real interesting scenes and effects, such as half rotten zombie in hospital bed, and of course 101 ways to kill a zombie. The acting is adequate, almost a homage to the spaghetti westerns including a clint eastwood impersonator. There are a few lines that take home the cheese awards, but overall it is wriiten clear and precise, as to not waste any time, and since it comes in under 1:30, thats a bonus as well. I definately reccomend "The Quick and the Undead" to any horror fan who may be getting bored with japanese remakes or teenage slashers.

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This one sounds awesome,and I know my hubby would enjoy watching it with me,thank you very much for posting the info



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I haven't seen it but the reviews are not good. Probably will bypass.

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I liked the idea of a zombie western but this movie was terrible. I watched about an hour or so until I was so bored that I turned it off. The premise was cool, and I didnt mind the low budget look but the storyline was so slow that it was a complete snore movie. Skip this one unless you need a good nap.

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