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Danika was a surprising movie about a mother, named Danika Merrick, whom experiences a series of terrifying delusions, she wonders whether she is actually having visions of future events or if she is slowly becoming unable to function in society.

Marissa Tomei's performance is amazing, she takes hold of your eyes and mind as you watch her mind decend into pure madness.

The reason why I love this movie so much, is the simple fact that their is a little 'danika' in each and everyone of us. Her worries and troubles with modern times raising her children is something that every mother stresses over. Will my child be a victim of internet predators? Will my husband cheat on me with our younger nanny? Or better yet will I be able to protect and care for my children the way I believe I should?

Bottom line- this movie is worth the 3.19 cents to rent

7 1/2 / out of 10 skulls

Cast: Marisa Tomei

Regina Hall

Nicki Prian

Ridge Canipe

Bailey Hughes

Craig Bierko

Danika won 2006 Festival Award- for best feature film and best actress (Regina Hall).

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I should be getting this movie tomorrow, thought it sounded interesting!!

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I hope its not Lionsgate?

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I don't remember who did it.

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sounds good I should rent it.


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