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Storyline: A group of co-eds rally to stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world, after a computer hacker unleashes a virus on the world.

Pulse is a remake of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2001 Japanese original "Kairo", I feel that the Japanese verison is better because the actors looked scared and were a little more believable.

The young actors in the american verison were attractive but horrible. It isn't scary, its barley entertaining (probably need a few joints before its amusing), the entire cast was unconvincing.

2 out of 10 skulls.

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I think the Japanese version underplayed the significance of the tape, while the American version put way too much emphasis on it. The Japanese approach was the better option. The American version felt compelled to over explain the tape, while it should have been dealing with the horror of the dead coming back. I don't think it was a complete "crap" movie, but given the choice, I'd watch the Japanese version over the American anytime.

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The way the american version we will all be daed real soon lol

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i liked it i thought i was one of the few good recent pg-13 horror movies

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painful and slow overall...I fell asleep watching...

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...im a huge j-horror fan and i still thought the american version was better...(i NEVER think that) The american version had good special effects and didnt drag on....

the japanese version was just.....BORING

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bad movie. it was slow with a crappy soundtrack. I was expecting much more from it. The trailer completely oversold it.

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this movie was so bad an i was so so so very disappointed oh god this was bad

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you know i was pissed caused I wasted money to go see it on the big screen. Pulse is like White Noise headed into the bathroom and got hi with feardotcom then had a three some with Fatal Frame and gave birth to a bad movie. Did not like Pulse at all. Waste of money, time, and shitty story telling as well. I think they could have done better with less, but we will never know...

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Very disappointing. The commercials, as usual, made this crappy movie look way better than it was. Do not buy it!


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