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I recently bought this movie on a millenium edition dvd;and I have to say that the rapes scenes in it made me feel guilty and want to puke in a bucket just watching them.


Sophisticated New York magazine writer Jennifer Hills (played by Camille Keaton, grand-niece of Buster Keaton) is in the process of writing a book, and decides that the only way she can finish it is to go to a log cabin in the country, where she will not be disturbed.

Three local men are disturbed by Jennifer's independence. Late at night they hatch a plan to abduct her, apparently so their mildly-retarded friend Matthew can lose his virginity. The next day, they do so, but Matthew tells the group that he can't do it. Jennifer is then raped twice by the men in the woods, and after she crawls back to her house they attack her again. Matthew finally rapes her after drinking alcohol, but says that he can not climax with the other men watching. While she is being tortured, the other men ridicule her book and rip up the manuscript. As she passes out, the yokels order Matthew to stab her in the heart, and then leave. Matthew cannot bring himself to do this, and dabs the knife lightly in her blood so it looks as if he killed her.

In the following days, Jennifer is shown to be very traumatized by the gang-rape. Slowly, she is brought out of herself and pieces her manuscript together again. It becomes evident that she is intent on revenge, and she vows to kill the men who raped her.

First, she lures Matthew back to her cabin and has him make love to her under a tree. As he becomes oblivious to the surroundings around him, she strings a noose around his neck and hangs him. She then cuts the rope and drops the body in the river.

She picks up one of the men at the gas station where he works. She stops halfway to her house and turns a gun on him. She orders him to take off all his clothes. He gets the gun from her and she takes him to her cabin for a hot bath. She manually stimulates him in her bathtub. As he nears orgasm, she picks up a knife she has hidden under the bathmat and cuts his genitals. Calmly, she leaves the room and locks him in from the outside. He dies due to blood loss and she disposes of him in her basement. She burns his blood-stained clothes in her fireplace.

The two remaining men take their motorized boat to Jennifer's cabin, with an ax in hand. As they attack her, she escapes with the boat and the ax. The two men swim after her, so she turns around and swings the ax into one man's back. The other man swims up, grabs hold of the motor, and asks Jennifer not to kill him. She revs the motor, disemboweling him. As she speeds away, the credits roll.

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Wasnt enough rape

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I guess not if you are into that type of stuff.

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in my opinion the film is just utter shit & the only reason it has become such a cult film if because it made the silly video nasties list

the remake is a much better film...

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Clearly a joke.


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