House of Wax (2005)

House of Wax (2005)

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I kinda liked this movie. The whole cut the finger off thing was kinda gross, but I liked it. I hated that Paris Hilton was in it, but at least she died. Could also use a better cast. 4/10.

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This movie was a 6 . I wanted to see Chad Michael Murry. He is so sexy!

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This was an entertaining movie for many reasons. The house it's self was really cool! Watching Paris get killed was fun! And the ending was really good! Blood Dragoness

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Okay, so I pick this disc up from the rental place a few weeks ago.

Yes, they make fun of Paris Hilton using Sony's nightvision.

Forty minutes have passed (ala Hostel) and finally we're gettin' to the nitty gritty after the first victim is caught. And it is turning into quite a gruesome scene, too! This film might have some potential to be good. But that was it, really. It was all downhill from there. Yes, there are a few semi-tense moments, but I would not recommend this movie.

Now, about the "making of" feature on the disc. They built the town from scratch. HUH? You heard me correctly, THEY BUILT THE TOWN FROM SCRATCH! It was just a barren piece of land and they built a frickin' town on it. TO MAKE A FRICKIN' MOVIE!!!

I guess a little bit of commie-lib is coming out of me now. It seems like alot of work and money to me, just to make a movie that isn't even that good!

But really...... Could they have at least let some poor folks live in it after they were done filming? Or did they just tear it down, creating even MORE waste????

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i love the house of wax kinkda cool kinda scary

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i saw this movie. can i get my money back? i'm not in the Paris Hilton fan club. now we make people stars because they have money or were in some reality show? they keep making bad horror movies, and horror fans keep going to see them? does anyone else see the trend going on here? remakes are never as good as the oringnal. i think some of you just enjoy the blood and gore more then the plot and actors? i would advise checking the oringal out probably before the remake first. the oringinal will not be as violent as you have become used to seeing. i don't like or hate Paris Hilton. hey, we can't like em' all. but we don't have to like it cause it's horror.

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it was a good movie it could have been better. I think as an horror film it was a bust!

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I lyked how Paris Hilton died,cuz i think she had lyke the best way to die,apart fromthe dude on the piano...

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I had higher expectations then what I got. It was ok at best. Would probably pass on watching again.

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The filmmakers of this movie had the chance to make a great remake and they droped the ball. Was hardly worth seeing the first time much less a second or third!

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i thought this movie was better than some that i have seen before. ill give it a 7 out of 10. because it could have been more scary but all together it was pretty good. id watch it again in a heartbeat.


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