The Exorcist: Overrated?

The Exorcist: Overrated?

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I have actually not seen this movie, but I here many different opinions.....So what is yours?

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Are you serious?

Woah, well anyway I have & it's a classic.

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I saw the Exorcist in the movies when it first came out. I was the only person in the group who went who did NOT get scared. In fact, I ended up creeping everybody out because during the "pea soup" scene I started laughing hysterically. They were all wtf?! I used to sneak up behind my then roomate and do Regan voice just to watch her jump, scream and go running down the hall

It's one of those, you should really see it and decide for yourself. I didn't dislike it, I just thought the devil had better things to do than possess a little girl.

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The Exorcist is actually one of the movies to most influence my style of writing and film making. It has all of the elements I most enjoy.

First, there is the morally conflicted and deeply troubled priest. He is the classic example of the man that maintains the actions and the motions of his chosen life, though some of the elements of that life give him constant doubt.

Then, there is the innocent. She is unwittingly made the concubine of the devil and forced to comit acts upon herself that are not only sacreligious, but morbid. Her character is the prime example of the destruction of the innocent.

Her mother in the film, is the example of the indifferent nature of the societal animal, suddenly ripped open and exposed for what it is and made to deal with something larger than her parties and social standing.

Then, there are the FX, which for the day, were positively cutting edge. And done with no assistance from animators or computers. The absolute horror of the notion of possession by the devil was conveyed by hand and artistry. That is a feat seldom seen now.

I give this one a big thumbs up. If you haven't seen it, you absolutely MUST!


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mommas13 what are you waiting for, rent it, or buy it, but watch it now. you be the judge. "supposable" this has happened and continues to this day? i myself, i'm not sure, truth or great fiction? possession? can you prove it happened? can you prove it didn't? and it's hard to do either with religion involed. this movie is up there with the best of them. and it will be there long after we are gone. just like frankenstein, dracula, and the mummy.


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yea i'd have to say that that movie's a little overrated but lets say not take my advice watch it and find out yourself but otherwise little overrated but good movie

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I've always found that the best horror is known but not seen, I'd rather face a horde of zombies than have to deal with some force living inside of me. This has always been a difficult thing to pull off in a movie, hence the fact that there are more bad possesion movies than good. The Exorcist captures this feeling perfectly portraying the helplessness people feel as somebody they love is destroyed from the inside. Not only do I recommend The Exorcist strongly but also its true sequel Exorcist 3.


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I always thought it was way over rated. but it was a good movie


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I thought this movie was hilariouse!!!!!!! A little girl peeing? Hysterical. The groaning and yelling when she got holy water thrown at her? funny for words. I think this movie is over rated since people call it the scariest movie ever.. Clearly scariest movie of all time is haloween. But had decent story so it was a o.k. movie


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while i dont find the film "scary" i dont think you could call it overrated. i think this is one of the greatest films ever made. any one who thinks this movie is funny obviously doesnt have taste.


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One of my favorites ! A true classic. And if you ever get the chance, watch the E! True Hollywood Story " Curse Of The Exorcist" a great 2 hour insight into making of this film. Made me appreciate it even more.



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