The Exorcist: Overrated?

The Exorcist: Overrated?

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I have actually not seen this movie, but I here many different opinions.....So what is yours?

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i think the exorcist deserves the reputation it has

BUT as far as real exorcisims go ............ LOL!!!!!!!!! what a load of old religous bull shit! as a athiest i have to say demons/the devil & all that goes with it are about as real as witches/vampires/little green men/big foot ETC.

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I love this movie....why? dont know I seen it when I was a small child maybe 10 or so I snuck in to watch it when my brother watched it....It scared the shit outta me....That movie has stuck with me for some reason but it is one of my top 5 favorite movies

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did anyone ever see Beyond the door? I saw allong time ago, levitating people for some reason give me REAL scares, Ive had crazy dreams sometimes where I am levitating and spinning at night and some one comes in the room and stands there screaming at me and I am not in control of my body, pretty freaky! I think the grainyness and underground/forbidden aspect of Beyond The Door made it a bit more scarier the The Exorcist, for me at leastbyndthdor.jpg

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Never heard of "Beyond the Door", it looks intersting. I'll have to check it out.


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