The Excorcism of Emily Rose

The Excorcism of Emily Rose

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I liked this movie. I watched it, thought it was kinda slow, but I liked it. The end was good 2. 7/10

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for all the "exorcism" type movies i thought this one was pretty good.

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loved it

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It was ok. I just felt like I spent too much time in between jumps and jolts, ya know? The effects I loved, I just wish there had been more. I like religious flicks anyways, so this one doesn't rate on my Crap-O-Meter

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I liked it especially because it was a true event.

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IT wasn't so much a horror movie. The scares were few and far between. But it was definitely watchable and interesting. I like the psuedo-historical stuff. It's a shame because I would like to see a good exorcism movie.

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As I noted in my comments on the Exorcism, I feel this movie is scarier because it is much more believable. It was used as the basis for the Hollywood Hyped Exorcism which had its own redeeming qualities in its day.

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SHITTY MOVIE!!! no spirits no vomiting very slow, most of it takes place in a courtroom. terrible

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It wasn't what I expected when I saw it in theatre's, but I thought it was pretty good. Jennifer Carpenter did an amazing job with that role and even if the movie itself wasn't all the great, her acting made it worth it.


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this movie was great, one of the few exorcism movies that was

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