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This movie was one of the first i saw that really scared me when i was a kid. The Tall man is one of the iconic figures in horror industry. I was looking for this DVD for awhile and finally i wen to best buy and saw that they re-released it with new features like, director commentary and making of features. This movie is one of th ebest and if you have not seen it you should!!

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Phantasm 2 is one of my alltime favorite horror films

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love this movie

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i am sure that no one will read this, but i am bored and felt like typing. I just want to start off by saying that i adore this film. I loved the first two Phantasm films and i even enjoyed the Phantasm 3. I think they made a number 4 that i may have seen, but i am not for sure. I thought that they did explain where everything came from to a certain extent. If you can remember they had two silver poles and when Reggie grabbed ahold of them, he ended up going into another dimension. It had all of the little creepy people running around. Also the spheres contained the brains of some of the tall mans victims. One of them ended up helping Reggie and the kid by going after the tall man. This might have all been in the second film, I am not for sure. I really enjoyed the first two films. They are 2 of my all time favorites. Of course that list is very very long. If you haven't seen them yet, i recommend watching them as soon as possible.


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