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I saw this movie the day after it came out, and I really liked it. I have also read the story by Stephen King and really liked it as well. It had a little bit of everything, and had a great story I think. I give this movie a 10/10 defintely. It will without a doubt become a part of my collection when it comes out.


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I saw it tonight and I liked it. It was pretty weird...but thats stephen king for ya.

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It was more a head trip than a haunted house story but that's what was so cool about it.

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I just saw it this evening and absolutely loved it!! What a film that makes you slightly paranoid.

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loved it

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1408 is one of the best film adaptations of a Stephen King story, and is highly atmospheric. I am growing weary of movies masquerading themselves as horror films these days.

1408 exceeds all expectations when taken for what it is - an intelligent horror movie that despite being rated a tame PG-13 delivers chills, thrills, and a strong performance by its lead actor, John Cusack, as well as a good supporting role by Samuel L Jackson.

The movie picks up pace very quickly and viewers are in for a thrill ride as EnslinCusack manages to spends the night in 1408, which has one of the grisliest & bloody reputations in the annals of hotel history. Enslin finds his skepticism melting in the face of the unbelievable horrors he faces in 1408, and struggles to keep his wits about him to survive.

The horror in this movie is very palpable - there is no gore or excess violence, but there's a pervasive sense of menace and evil that sends chills down one's spine, and a couple of jump-out-your-seat moments[not to mention a couple of plot twists]. But what truly lifts this movie is the strong & riveting performance by John Cusack. The whole movie basically revolves around him and it is amazing to watch an actor bring so much depth to his role as well as portray a feeling of alienation, isolation and paranoia as Enslin tries to face his fears in 1408.

Definitely one of the better 'intelligent' horror flicks out there.

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It was ok , I always like the books better anyway.

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I seen this movie at a special screening before it came out and wasn't very impressed. I love Kings' work but his books are always better.

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I like that this movie starts off with a bang and continues on with it.

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It was okay i found myself drifting off somewhere else.......Hey im a huge John Cusak fan but they needed a lesser known for the part, casting him totally took me out of the experience, not that i was imagining him as his previous characters but for the fact that he was better in identity!!!

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The movie starts off really slow but then steps up the pace. I thought it was a good movie, one to add to your DVD horror library, right next to the Stephen King book..


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