The People Under The Stairs

The People Under The Stairs

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not a lot of people know about this movie, but its good. About acouple dudes break into a house to steal stuff to sell to get money for the kinds moms operation. little do they know, the owners of the house is crazy. they have a bunch of deformed retard guys in the basement, and they have a daughter who they keep locked in her room. the bulk of the movie is trying to escape the house as the crazy parents. I

recommend this movie for avid movie lovers.

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Great movie. It stars Brandon Adams as Fool who you may remember from films like "The Sandlot" and "The Mighty Ducks". This one was quite a bit different than his usual roles.

Not to mention Ving Rhames as Leroy , Sean Whalen as Roach, and Everett McGill as the psycho father. You may remember him as the villain in Under Seige 2.

I have this one on dvd and love it. Such a unique story. A girl locked in the attic, boys locked downstairs, and an innocent black kid trapped in between hunted by two psycho parents and their dog. I think it is one of Wes Craven's finest.


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I thought this move was very frightning when i was younger.. the hole thing with dead people liveing under you and not to mention 2 crazy ass rednecks that are very mental and kidnaped some young girl if i can remember rite. Anyways as the movie went on it was entertaining and i enjoyed it. Evan though the Husband and Wife were more sychotic then the people under the stairs..

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I love this movie! I reccommend it to people all the time at work. It's truely an underrated film.



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this movie will always be a classic to me, great story, the suspense was awesome.

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I saw this movie a few years back. I was surprised how well it was done.

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this film is so popular am suprised it never got a prequal or sequal


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i agree with everyone. This was an amazing movie that i used to watch all the time when i was younger. I also have this one on dvd. I dont't think that the kids under the stairs were retarded or dead. The best I can remember they were kids that had tried to get in the house before. For some reason i had forgot about this film even though I own it. i might have to pop it in here in a day or two and watch it again it's been awhile. Thanks for the memories.

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You know hollywood is out of ideas, While i do not know how you wouls do a sequal, I agree a prequal might actually happen. Where there is awill there is away to screw up a classic. LOL

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