Deep Discount DVD

Deep Discount DVD

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Halloween is almost here, but Deep Discount DVD is still running sales on some great horror titles.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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Come on man, the first video that came up was "The Break Up" for 20 bucks. "Deep Discount DVD" is to discounts as "MTV" is to music television.

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No offense but that site is more like

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You guys want cheap DVDs? Just get em off ebay.

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if you have and all regions dvd player, has some cheap dvds also. you really have to look for them, but they are there.

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DeepDiscount does have some good deals. I was able to get a movie from them for 8 dollars that would have cost me 21.00 off of Amazon. It's always good to shop around though. I agree about Ebay, thats where I find most of my dark gloomy things.

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Even better now they are running a 20 off sale if you use the code supersale at checkout. Only good until the 18th though

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day late and dollar short by thanks for heads up.

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frys gots horror movies for cheap so does circuit city or wal mart best buy has alright prices to

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I have gotten some good deals from Deep Discount Dvd, but I do shop around before commiting to a purchase anywhere. I buy most of my movies at Wl-Mart thou becuase I get my employee discount.


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