Zombie Game anyone?

Zombie Game anyone?

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Thanks for the link

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That looks pretty sweet, I may have to check it out more later.

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I signed up and all but was confused... so I'll have to give it a try when I get back from work. Its all text based right?

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Pretty much text based, but check out the Graveyard, and there's some Graveyard games that are pretty awesome. Avoid the Zombie I was all stoked I got to 34 zombies before death, then my mob members were talking how sad they were they were only up to the 50's lol. So there are NONText based parts of the game, have fun, enjoy XD

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Great, as if I needed ANOTHER reason to not work at work. I'm fairly addicted to this game. I'm currently a level 8 zombie hunter with a 9mm and katana wearing a trenchcoat and living in a shed. Not to shabby.

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Thanks i'll try it out. I love zombies.

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ill have to be a zombie ill check this site out after i type this message

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Dead rising on the X-box 360 is fun I got that game.

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Thanks for the link Always a good way to kill boredom lol.


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