Halloween 6: the Producers Cut

Halloween 6: the Producers Cut

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I've recently discovered that there is a Producer's cut of Halloween 6, The Curse of Michael Meyers. Supposedly this release is much better than the theatrical release. Has anyone heard about this? Perhaps have it and want to sell it? Or is it not worth it and I'm wasting my time

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i actually have the movie.i got it off of ebay. there are things you do notice in it that aren't in the regualr version, but its worth seeing. i would deff check ebay. i got a burned disc but with actually movie box and cover

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if you really want it is widely available to download, but if you don't want to do that it should be pretty cheap to buy. i think it's worth buying if you can find it for a decent price.


^that sums up the differences pretty well.

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ill have to check it out

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i heard of it and would like a copy of it just like the uk uncut nc-17 verion of friday the 13th i have.

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I have Halloween 6 producers cut. It is a must have. The producers cut will tell you the full story about part 6. It has alot more Dr. Loomis and a twisted ending far superior to the theatrical version.

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Are they ever gonna end halloween or will mike be about 75 and killing folks in a retirement home?

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The producers cut is a flaming diaper stain on the face of the Halloween series. It's corny, poorly written, not scary in the slightest and it has one of the dumbest endings in recent memory. Say what you will about the theatrical cut, but it's a hell of a lot better than this crap.

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Anything past Halloween II is basically crap. H20 was o.k. however. Rob Zombie will explain why Michael Myers is so screwed up in the new remake.

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It's going to be harder finding the Halloween 6 P-Cut now since Ebay and every other internet shopping site will not allow anyone to sell the film since it's an illegal bootleg. Basically, you will need to become good friends with someone who is able to burn you a copy. I'm glad I got mine before Ebay started to crack down on the bootlegging circle though I do see one or two brave souls attempting to sell a copy.

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I just found 3 copies on Ebay. Here's the cheapest one. Get it before Ebay takes it off.



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