Star Wars Christmas Special

Star Wars Christmas Special

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I've heard that there are copies of this elusive title available. Anyone know where I should look?

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You can get copies on IOFFER or maybe E-BAY. I know I offer has some

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Thanks SPQQKY. IOFFER did have it.

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Want to see it for free? Go To

I know waaaaayyyyy to much...

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I have SW holiday special on DVD, as well as SW: Dark Redemption. I also have many other rare films on DVD. Please email me for a full list and I will shoot it off to you. Also, I have a large selection of film posters, mags, etc. Anything you are looking for I might be able to find. I also sell at conventions and the like, so I may end up in your area if you are looking to unload your collection.

Please email me at:

I except paypal, checks and money orders for all of my items.

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You can also find it here at

Star Wars Holiday Special DVD on

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