need help with old movie please

need help with old movie please

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hello all,

i seen this movie long in the 80's or the 90's , the scene i watched , was with man and woman .. she runs around the sofa and falls , he picks her up by the throat and holds her for a sec , then snaps her neck . next scene you see is her laying on the bed and he is painting symbols on her naked body ..

please can anyone help me with this one . it has bothered me for years that i never got to see the whole movie.

thanks everybody ,

your fear friend


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By chance do you know any of the actors or actresses ? Or characters? more scenes or maybe the plot ?

These would help narrow the search .

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THis could be warlock or from the witchboad series!

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This is a very broad search,but in this movie late 70's early 80's this serial killer murdered women cut their outer vaginas off,collected them and wore them on his...yeah he had an odor.It was based in NYC thats all i remember any and all help would be appreciated.

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No clue on either of these, but there's a thread for questions like this on the suggestions page, might find help there...

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Sounds like Maniac. Tom savini did the effects.

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the movie was called "nightstalker" and stared charles napier as the head detective hunting a serial killer who was killing hookers.,..made in the early 80's this very low budget movie tended to drag quite a bit in the middle and the premise of a killer seeking immortality by arcane means has been done to death ,.but this worked quite well for it's time.

but i'll have to be honest i don't recall a reason for the trophies he collected or if a reason was ever given

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