FEARnet mission statement

FEARnet mission statement

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As i was leisurely taking in the mind numbing "Texas Chainsaw Massacre IV: The Next Generation" or otherwise known as "Matthew McConaughey and Rene Zellweger do bad acid and wake up speaking tongues in a movie that should be buried in the back yard under a toad turd" ...as you can see they had to trim down the original title for marketing purposes...however... while i was surviving (i mean watching) the movie, a quote popped from the screen and immediately I knew where it belonged...dum dum dum!!!...

As the new FEARnet mission statement...and here it is...

Rothman (James Gale) grabs hold of Vilmer (Matthew McConaughey) and says...

"Fuck! This is appalling. You are here for one reason, and one reason only. Do you understand that? I want to here you say you understand that. No? It's very simple. I want these people to know the meaning of horror... horror... is that clear? You don't want to be a silly boy. Is... that... clear?"

and Vilmer faithfully replies, "Fucking-A it is."

For the slow people...the Victims are Rothman and FEARnet is Vilmer...I hope this isn't too deep...anyway it was just an idea after being saturated with horror and gore for the last 10 hours (day off).

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Just didn't grab anybody...eh?

Well shite!! back to the booze....

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I understood it very well. The only thing that makes more sense than the mission statement is your proposed title to TCM4... That movie sucked so bad! lol

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