The Poll on being a serial killer ...

The Poll on being a serial killer ...

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The most glaring mistake in the Reasons to be a Serial Killer, would be

A) all those you kill will serve you in the after life

B) To make you devine (not the cross dressing actor/actress)

C) to stop you from wetting the bed

D) to show them

E) Other

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Oh please feel free to add your own ideas, and if you realyl are killing people, please give us your real adress and hpone number and/or name, so we can send you some "friends" (like Tom Cruise and/or Ashton Kutcher, Oh and Paris Hilton, I'd only like to hear about them one more time,.. you know what I mean nudge nudge like only one more time, and that would be it, maybe not even hear about them, just have them gone.. oh and amny many reality producers, those shows just have to stop, and this may be the only way how,.. oh and did I mention .. JUST KIDDING!! REALLY! Let's not call the authorities in on this. XD)

So,... how about that sporting team?... (begining to feel creepy)

Did I mentioj it was all a joke, because it is.. (but come on, Paris Hilton??!?! What does she do? she has the droppy eye lid thing freaking me out, and she can't act, she can't even keep her clothes on, which normally I'd think was a kewl thing, but even though she's richer then I'll ever be, she just reeks of skankyness) ROFL

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i think those answers are no offense kinda lame!

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i think those answers are no offense kinda lame!

Sometimes the truth hurts? Sour Grapes I'm thinking.. No offense taken ROFL

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For fun

for food

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