noise in background

noise in background

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have to say this is a great idea.

but is there anyway to shut off the looping noise in the background it gets old quick.

and will probably drive me into a blood thirsty rage filled with poney rides and pixie dust.(is that scary or what)

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You can shut off the sound on the homepage by clicking the little speaker icon that's on the far right side above the arrow. Same on the games page; the icon is by the creepy monster eyes. If you're watching a movie you can turn off the sound by using the VCR controls (mouse over the bottom of the movie to get them to appear). I think that's all the sections with sound, so hopefully that will keep you from going insane...

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awww.thanks there wont be no pixie dust rampages.

better luck next time.

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damn it would have been great to rise and hear about

A pixie dust rampage. Imagine the carnage..

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