What horror movie would you like to see remade?

What horror movie would you like to see remade?

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None of them,remakes suck and they only show how uncreative hollywood has become.

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None of them,remakes suck and they only show how uncreative hollywood has become.

exactly...if its not broken, dont fix it!

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a remake of hell night or howling

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truthfully none of them.Show some creativity and make something new.

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Amen....I'm sick and tired of remakes

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I agree that alot of movies do not need to be remade ex: Dawn of the Dead, The Hitcher, Texas Chainsaw Massace. So why not remake shitty movies that did not do good the first time around. Remake a movie that had a good premise but just sucked in comparison. Remake a movie like, Meltman, or I Spit On Your Grave, The Town that dreaded sundown, hell even Critters.

Another movie i am looking forward to getting remade is Romero's classic, The Crazies. The film was good, but the remake should be even better.

There are however some ok remakes. I am willing to except whatever critisicm for this upcoming comment, but i thought the remake of Dawn of the Dead, was not that bad. It could have been much worse. The original will ALWAYS be a classic, but this remake was not that bad(besides the main girl in that movie, i think her name is sarah polley, she annoyed the shit out of me to the point where i wanted to take a cheese grader to my scalp) and the reamke of Night of the Living Dead which was directed by Tom Savini, that was a very very good remake and Romero helped rewrite that script.

So remakes are shitty, i agree completly with that statement, so why not remake shitty movies. Movies that need to be updated.

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most remakes do suck but i do like the remake of house of wax and thirteen ghosts was preety good.

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i think they need to remake and jump start the ENTIRE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD FRANCHISE, going back to how the zombies were in the first one, and being controversial again...read my profile for an idea as to what i mean.

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We don't need hollywood rubbing their taint on any of the old classics. All they do is put bad W.B. actors on the screen, change the story line, and and add a techno sound track.

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remake i spit on your grave...or last house on the left or house on the edge of the park...

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Though they are many; the one I would most like to see remade is The Stand by Stephen King. When I read that book back when it first came out, it horrified me because it is a scenario that could very well come to pass. The first movie was ok; but it just didn't show the true effects of horror that the book portrayed. Someone please apply todays technology to The Stand and give it another chance.


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