film ideas

film ideas

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a zombie movie from the point of view that the souls are trapped in the zombies bodies and forced to go along for a ride with a front seat view of the carnage there zombie self creates.

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They should re-adapt some movies that alot of people have forgotten like THE DARK HALF, NEEDFUL THINGS, THE OTHER (the 70's movie), and DUEL (that would be awesome)!

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Not to sound all high and mighty but I have quite a few movie ideas, be it feature lenght or short film. I've been scaring the sht out of several students at Northern Illinois University by only TELLING them such stories of bizarre and sick things.

To name one or two, while still keeping some things hidden, here they are:

'When Johnny Called'

- When Meghan found out her best friend died unexpectedly during surgery her world fell to pieces. An obligation she made with her friend will unlock a world of insanity, death, and a world she's not ready to face. The question is, will Meghan answer the call from seven feet under?

'Within These Walls'

-Matt never had a dream, not even in his childhood. When everything around him starts to change he finally begins to dream. The only problem is the places he's brought to and the things he sees opens a twisted side of himself, a side of himself that makes it hard to distinguish reality from dreaming. What happens when dreams begin to control the dreamer?

Huh, huh? Anyone interested in helping these movies come to life?

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sometime last year i was playing a game and while doing so i couldn't help but think "THIS WOULD BE A GREAT MOVIE". for those of you out there that are gamers you'll know what I'm talking about..."FEAR" on x-box 360 is one of the scariest games I've ever played. i couldn't even get my teen-aged boy to play the game without screaming and jumping...

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Condemned (the X-box game) would be a freaky movie too.

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