Fearnet ON DEMAND movies

Fearnet ON DEMAND movies

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there should be a page on this site that allows members to sugest and vote on movies to air on fearnet ON DEMAND/ EXAMPLES: original Puppet Master movies, Candyman, the good Texas Chainsaw movies, Halloween etc.

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The original DAWN OF THE DEAD should be on FEARnet FOREVER... And DAY OF THE DEAD too

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How about the Boogens,The Thing, Prince of Darkness or why not revist the 80's horror, throw in some Euro movies, and some of Hammer's gems that aint here in the states Twins of Evil, Vampire Circus, Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires and some nice horror documentries would also be nice + could you find Ticks or Maniac Cop series or James Naughton's second horror movie The Borrowers and why not Salem's Lot what the Hell throw in both versions or how about Beyond the Door also some nice Matinee movies would be nice and the most important thing more quality movies with less BShit - Krull,& Godzilla movie's is not horror

+ Blood Species series and The Granny would rock !!!

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Well throw in some Fulci, Argento, and Bava movies and id be happy

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The Shining



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Agreed, I would love to see the Puppet Master films on here. Those are B-Movie classics

Heck something like Gantz wouldbe nice to see.

hell yeah some of the old puppet master movies would be cool (1-5)

i went to an old video store and they were selling there vhs and i found

puppet master 1 and 2 there, now i need to buy or see part 3 cause i havent seen it in awhile.

they should also play dead alive and bad taste. i would like to see some fulci ( the beyond, gates of hell and zombie),

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the fog(2005) have not seen,would like to see.

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Troll, Fiend without a Face , The Sentinel

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i agree i think we can provide better suggestion than most of the stuff they put on there


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Great Idea. I personaly think they should post more zombie movies.

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Halloween movies come on

Do u no how hard it is to find part 6???


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