Fearnet T shirts

Fearnet T shirts

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I want a fearnet t shirt, they should be sold on this site. What? the site is little over a year old? I think its about time some t shirts were made available for the nearly 100 thousand members. Think of the revenue. Oh yeah, they shouldnt cost more than ten bucks, but Im willing to shell out 20 at the most.

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Yes you are very right... I got my Steve Wilkos shirt, I shiould be able to get one here too!!!

Ozzette's picture

I want shirts too! I think Fearnet should offer shirts, hoodies, and hats..

tequilajoe's picture

Yeah! Really! You listening, LPR!?!? Why can't you guys come up with some FEARnet swag for us peasants to buy?

Suicide de saint's picture

I would totally buy fearnet swag - maybe an apron with the stomach slashed and guts coming out as the decal?

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I want one please

Horrormoviefreak13's picture

Ditto! Need awesome fear.net shirts and other accessorys please!

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