Playing better movies on fearnet on demand

Playing better movies on fearnet on demand

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ok so it's really good to have a horror movie network on demand but can u please start playing better movie! i mean some of the stuff u play is good. like this month krull and love object was fabulous. but for the most its jus whack ass B movies from today. How come u don't play any Argento or Carpenter films? and if u do wanna play B movies then there r PLENTY good one's from the 80's and 90's. like the Nightmare Sisters or demon wind. actually anything with linnea quiggly! but she wasnt in demon wind. shit mirror, mirror was good, u seen that? i'm sure u have to follow a certain protocal but please for the love of GOD and for the sake of all horror movie lovers please start playing better stuff!

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Yah I'd like to have some demonic toys thrown my way! along with some carpenter and clive barker!!!!! CHEA BRAH

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really now, i am only 18, started watching horror films 4 years ago. i have yet to see a horror movie that has even made me shiver. give me something good, you guys are supposed to be pro's.

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how bout some real classics also like the original wizard of gore

and why cant you put the same movies to watch on here as you do on on demand cable?

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Yep I totally agree with all you guys. Not to sound greedy, but please seriously now we NEED MORE horror movie choices than just like 10 measely movies. And while you're at it why not actually add some Stephen King oldie classics like The Mangler or something and some Alfred Hitchcock movies too. Just as long as it freaks me out. I seriously want to be freaked out by movies!

Please and thank you!

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