If you had a chance to make one major film, How would you scare the hell out of the audience?

If you had a chance to make one major film, How would you scare the hell out of the audience?

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i want to know what really scares the hell out of people to make a film that doesn't have crappy acting or overreacting characters, fake blood or makeup, and ridiculous plots. a film so fn scary that they bann it from the theaters.

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When someone gets a tattoo it effects their life in a twisted  unusal way. The person does not know what happens to them untill it happens. By then what ever tattoo they got makes sense. It does not matter what the tattoo is of or when they got it-where they got it or how many tattoos they have. The person is so freaked out and try to get others to understand, but they can't untill others expierence their own fate within time, come to understand what their tattoo means. How could something so cute or cool go so wrong? You come into this world (born)with purity clean body and markings of a tattoo is unholy. Peoples lives become a "Twilight Zone". Every picture tells a story don't it?

For example: A tattoo of Adam and Eve under an Apple tree. Adam on the left and Eve on the right picking the apple from the tree in the garden.  22 yrs. later the man that got this tattoo at age 19  and has had twins (boy and girl). His kids are coming home on Spring Break to visit and get into a car accident and runs off the road into a tree. The girl had climbed into the back seat of the car to get her a pack of cigarettes from the carton in her bag right before the accident. When they go off the road into the tree, it throws her right smack into her brothers head. He dies as a result of her teeth ramming into his head and she is stuck with her teeth mounted into the back of her twins head.

The tree, car ride-driver's on left side like Adam and she was on right as passenger like Eve, the apple-her teeth in brother head- like bitting into an apple.

                            HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM- WHAT DO YOU THINK??????Sealed



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Hey! Did you ever see the movie by Ray Bradbury, 'The Illistrated Man'? About a man telling another man the stories of his tattoo's? Every tattoo he looks at, he is drawn into the story. More Sci-Fi than Horror, but, still a good movie.

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You have  to tell the story ,it needs to be read so well that everyone gets it ,a nice simple story not complicated or plotted with twists and turns , v. simple, a house forinstance has such significance in horror , its where dracula lives, ghosts run riot, and blood drips from walls, I like all things that make you feel like you have no where to turn that all your limbs are cut off and your waiting for the final cut, I could think of so many ways to scare an audience, i know what things scare people, i have seen many films , but films are not real and i suppose it is the real things that obviously are the winning formula for a good ride. I would love to sit down and think up a story, strong seens throughout are so nessary like one scare after another keep em coming till your puking up or you just cant take it any more.


I Think  i would do something along the lines of the thing but in the woods with a bit of the evil dead thrown in real ghosty with some sort of ET force going on ,I think having more than one element like just a killer or a house or just a ghost, you have to wait and wait ,pack as much violence andWink quality killings as poss and you will have no probs shitting peoples pants

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i would havegoth kids & a hole preppys go out 2 the woods & get their eyes gouged out & raped in thier eye socket & the bear with aids pees in the preppy girls eye & rips out her clit &the goth couple kill the woodland creatures & escape while the preppy guy gets run over with a bi-plane HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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I will definately agree with carpenter about the story part. Blood and gore dosn't realy scare people as much as it disgusts them. Its probably better to show something but leave it kinda offscreen and leave it to the audiences imagination. If they have a good imagination some pretty creepy shit will most likely pop into their mind, if not then thats just sad.


Mentally insane peopel are ok but you need a killer on the brink of insanity, standing on a thin line between normal and helloo padded wall and i love myself jackets! Thats about all i can think of at the moment. Ill post some thing else if i think of anything else.Wink

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Get Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie to work together and see what happens... if that wouldn't turn out to be the freakiest thing to ever be recorded on film...then I don't know what can.

I, for one, would LOVE to see the outcome of that!

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To start off, I would find a story that is true and well known all through america about a place, or haunting. Then Make the movie, a documentary style. Like the way they did with Paranormal Activity. Okay here's the Idea of a Ghost Hunting crew, and top secret files of the actual demonic, ghost hauntings in america.  They die in the haunted place. Other's come in and continue thier work. They too have all the balls to the wall hauntings, all or some of them get killed. Come out like it really happened.

From investigating a haunting where a previous ghost hunting teams violently dissapered. And the only thing they have to get them through the night is the history of the place. And videos from that horrible massacre the spirits bestowed on this ghost hunting team that are being mysteriously found in the place. From creepy shadows, to footage of surrounding things bieng thrown. And of coarse the demonic, bone chilling voices, and a glimpse of that zombie ghost face peering off the corner of the hallway door at you. Or maybe show how the people are being killed by an unseen force. And leave the movie ending at no one survived. Maybe one or two people survived. Who wanted to release the raw footage to the media. But still some group out there doesn't want the people to know what really goes on at that certain location. Some type of cover up. A cover up for what????


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Everything has been done pretty much. It just depends on if people want to sit through blood, gore, boogeymen, supernatural, etc. Make people cringe, the best have always been the victim going down the open slate stairs, only to have a knife slit the achelle's tendon (Show the full action of the slicing). Or we can revamp Dario Argentio's fantastic scene of pins pushed through tape that is placed at the person's lower eyelashes, so they cannot blink and have the watch the death scene happen..Only this time, show the kill scene's a little bit better, and more visual in the "slicing and dicing". I'd like to see a decent movie on a copycat jack the ripper that isn't poorly done like some of the few movies that have been done. Show them gutted, mortified, mangled, and medically operated on- ovaries,cervic and all.

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i'd dress up people in crappy bed sheets and have them chant to the audience, "boo, you can't get your money back! boo!"

no fear.

but regret is just as scary.

SDZ will be waiting for his check \\m^0^m//


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