Welcome to FEARnet

Welcome to FEARnet

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If you're lucky enough to be checking us out during Beta, enjoy!

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Can't wait until tomorrow to find it on my Comcast and start watching some horror flicks.

i hope i get this here.... how can i find out if this isi in my package?

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So this Like Free the first month or so right? How much will it charge after that? Sorry if this is N00bish.

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I've been getting all the FEARnet movies in the FreeMovies! section under Scifi-Horror. I guess the button will be renamed FEARnet soon?

GypsyRoadChic's picture

I am sooo excited...I've been waiting for this for weeks...now I know there are people just as strange and twisted as I am

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LOVE the site!!! Friggin cool!

Room 27's picture

This site looks great........now if I could just figure out if my area and cable company is getting Fearnet or not.

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FearNet has a special place in my heart

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nice site, but I got to say your Evil for doing this, now i may never sleep! could spend hours on here.

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It's about time some-one came up with something like this for all of us demented ones who love horror so much.I know i'm gonna love this site .

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i thought you could watch movies on the website also for free. they said 9 movies, and short flicks too. where is it? anyone know?


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