Join Us On MySpace!

Join Us On MySpace!

Jeremy Wallace's picture

Myspace is the devil!

So sure..I will be your friend.

BoggyCreekBeast's picture

MySpace sites always makes my latent epilepsy kick in! Usually too much going on in those pages for me to take in! Scanners moment kicking in! Argh!

thadius jim's picture

Myspace is the devil...but cause it's you LPR I guess I'll be your friend.

LatinDolphin's picture

Don't forget to register as our friend on MySpace - DO IT!

How cool. Thanls Lawrence!

is0lati0n's picture

ill be glad to

Carlynn Carnage's picture

Yep yep!

FireX4IceX's picture

I'll be your friend

greeneyes3855's picture

I am a FRIEND as well.

grainsiloguard's picture

my space is so boring I nearly puked thinking about it ^

Catastrophe's picture

I heard that MySpace was full of high school girls. Does anyone know if that's true?


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