What am I Missing

What am I Missing

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I can't find FEARnet on my Comcast lineup. If I go to the website and sear for FEARnet, I get zero hits. Is it too new to show up on their website. I'm in the Seattle area, have Comcast digital, and want FEARnet now! Help!

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Hey there its not a channel on the tv..

Its on your ON DEMAND.

Go to On Demand.... then click or find FREE MOVIES.. the go to HORROR....

thats the stuff right there/Fearnet...

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Fear Net isn't really up and working yet in the Portland market either. It's available in the on demand listings but when you select it there's only movie trailers available to view not the entire selection of movies that it shows on this website. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

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It's channle 166 out where I'm at. (Utah)

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Channel 166 in Jersey too

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it's 166 everywhere....

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it's 166 everywhere....

Yes It's 166 here too

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Channel 666 would have been perfect, but we'll take we can get.

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if you dont have fearnet on demand your missing out on one of the best channels on tv

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Its not 166 in pennsylvania does any one know what it is

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