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votes count

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every vote you get earns you time to roam places in your past life. before fearnet killed you

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How do you get killed in the first place??

408steve's picture

i think someone said it has something to do with how many posts you do the more posts you do the different things that will happen to you

cici's picture

what do you mean things will happen to you like what

Grae Himself's picture

does anyone really know i think were all just really waiting to see what happens!

Chunkey Monkey's picture

I gonna DIE?

Lucyindasky's picture

Personally, i think the votes are just for fun...harmless competition, ya know? Also, the amount of posts you do does change the way you "died" although i have no idea the amount you need to change to the next "death"...


cici's picture

Who votes for you any way and how can i join in i like past lives i have had many before i plan to live forever just off never mind.

Realist's picture

how much time per vote? i need a lot of time to roam in my past

death the gateway to life's picture

the name sez it all

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you get killed by how many posts you do like 600


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