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I think it's great how many people from Michigan are on here.Wut do u guys think(if ur from michigan).

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from michigan just joined tring to figure out the site.

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Love the site, love the state and I love seeing all the Michiganders roaming around in here. I've noticed that Michigan and New Jersey seem to have the best representation on FEARnet.

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Great site. Getting lots of recommendations for movies and books to check out. I found this site and called my brother right away to tell him about it. We are both Zombie fanatics.

Yeah, I've been loading up my Netflix que since joining FEARnet

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Im from Michigan, and a huge horror movie freak, I love that they finallly gave us freaks an on demand channel, and a website....awsome...*** five stars!!!

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Michigan huh tough game this weekend GO OHIO STATE

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Me too. My girlfriend won't be pleased when she sees how many Zombie movies I have in que.

I'm not from Michigan, but I can relate to the Zombie issue...my wife put me on a total, "Zombie-ban!"

...That's really putting me in the dog-house!

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Michigan huh tough game this weekend GO OHIO STATE

Your avatar is cool as hell!

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a zombie ban what your not alowwed to watch zombie movies that sucks

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I'm scared of people from Michigan, does that count?

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born and raised in the UP. i've only been living in the dc area for the last year and a half.

since i've been living out here nothing's scarier to me than a northern michigan winter!


but back to topic...fearnet is awesome.

i love it.


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