FEARnet launch party - screaming good times

FEARnet launch party - screaming good times

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On Monday, October 30th FEAR was born at a hot new club in Los Angeles, Boulevard 3.

It was a total scream as Hollywoods Horror Community tore up this Hallows Eve fete. With hysteria on the dance floor, appearances from the latest horror celebs and a FEARnet tattoo parlor, this was the ultimate shriek fest.

Check out a few of our party pics...

FEARnet Launch Party October 30, 2006

"Bloody Carrie" really got into it

Some of the staff was having a bad day

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Party victims lined up for tattoos, including Lance Henriksen -- yes, they are real

Frightful fashion

Hollywood's favorite horror celebrities turned out in full force, including Rider Strong of Cabin Fever

Shawnee Smith of the Saw movie franchise

Arielle Kebbel of The Grudge 2

Stay tuned for moreà

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Dinger's picture

Awsome pics. I bet it was a blast!

FEARnet's picture

I wish I could remember...enjoyed a few too many "FEAR-tinis" with eyeballs floating in them...

408steve's picture

aww man it looks like you guys had a good time with the actors and the party awesome

Catastrophe's picture

I was there... I met Darren Lynn Bousman... Jealous?

fantasma's picture

I heard Roger Corman was there - any truth to that?

Catastrophe's picture

I heard Roger Corman was there - any truth to that?

Supposedly Lawrence P Raffel got his photo taken with Roger Corman, but I've yet to see proof...

I wanted to meet Shawnee Smith but the place got so packed I couldn't get close enough.

fear me's picture

Aww man I wish I was their I you all had a blast.

fear me's picture

Aww man I wish I was their I bet you all had a blast.

firemane's picture

wish i could have enjoyed the party. looks fun.

greeneyes3855's picture

looks really cool...thanks for the pics I know all of us out here really enjoyed seeing them.


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