Fearnet shirts?

Fearnet shirts?

Wamphryi's picture

They suppose to give one away to the winner of that contest, but does anyone know if u can purchase one??XMAS is coming!

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Toshio's picture

If you make them, we will come!

Wamphryi's picture

My thoughts exactly, trying to toss some xmas ideas out there for people, and this would make my list!

Grae Himself's picture

I want one

shianname25's picture

I'd love one too!!

Ranger5150's picture

Same here

BernadetteJimenez's picture

me too i want one

greeneyes3855's picture

DITTO, here!!!

puzzled's picture

where do i get the shirts?

twistedsister's picture

I want one too!!!

TheMorrigan's picture

I want a clingy hoodie with my ID on it. Does being the first person disemboweled get me anything? (aside from sympathy of people with more active lives, I mean)


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