when you scroll over the logo in the corner

when you scroll over the logo in the corner

ifuckupzombies11's picture

does anyone else dig that little weight lifting HUHHH at the end?

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smithhh's picture


its funny

greeneyes3855's picture

I never ever noticed that before.I will have to check it out.

bob grey's picture

i hate HATE that crap!!!

408steve's picture

its cool

Grae Himself's picture

yeah so

I dont get it what are you guys talking about?

IxCumxBlood's picture

Yea, it's pretty neat.

Nightmare Angel's picture

I thought it was cool at first then I would always be runnin over it to the point where it just pissed me off...

Freddy Krueger's picture

I see the swinging noose and the guys says "FEARnet". I don't see anything else.

Blood sucking Vampire's picture

Yes i think that it is cool but i think that it should be very very scary

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