Avatar help

Avatar help

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ok, I dont' know what it is I'm doing wrong...I've tried on both of my laptops and on my desktop and I cannot get beyond the scratchy thingys showing up everytime I try to change my avatar?

Can anyone help me with this and at least explain what those blood red scratchy lines mean???? I get them also everytime I sign on with a message saying connect failure and everytime I try to add a buddy....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I'd so appreciate some help here ...I've never had this problem before and I belong to alot of different forums...so it can't be my 3 different computers .....at least I dont' think......sighs and shrugs....pretty please?

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pop up blocker?

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Thanx again anton....tried that before but gonna try again today to do it....you'll know if it works..I'm on a mission now dammit.............

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is "flash" updated?

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You may need to list FEARnet as allowed on you firewall list.

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I was having trouble doing the Avater using AOL but had no problem when I used Internet Explorer.

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