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I absolutely love the rush of being scared! Nothing better to get the heart a pumping and the blood a running!!!! I live for that!!! So anyway, Im still waiting to be scared outta my mind....... so, please, scare me.... will ya? Please?!! FU--!! thankyou!

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I think alot of us are still waiting that type of movie to come out. Something that would leave a lasting impression and totally blow your mind. Where are those movies today? These movies of today don't scare me.I've been wanting to see a movie that actually scares me.

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Tell me about it, it seems that hollywood has gone disney when it comes to making horror films.

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thats probaly why they are doing all the remakes trying to actually scare people but the only way to do it is independent horror. sure some are well theres no other word for it hilarious but sometimes you will stumble upon one that really scares the shit out of you none of that stupid crazy special effect shit just plan scary with the basics. now a days with hollywood I rather read a book on serial killers then watch one those piles. But I hope to god that the Zodiac film will be good and if it's not well I maybe so annoyed i might just want to stab my self in the face just to delete it from my memory

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I thought that horror movies scare your pants off, so why are mine still on!!! I'm ready to be scared into next year and it seems that I'm laughing the whole way there. Scareeeeeeeee meeeeeeeee alreadyyyyyyyy!!! (just a comment, don't get offended)

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I do too

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i saw something on the news that freaked me out more than any horror movie... about these people that have bugs living in their bodies... and they get like these bumps and when the peal away the skin there are actual real bugs... there are quite a few reported cases of this and they don't know what causes it or how to cure it... eventually might spread and become a common thing and we will all sit around and dig at our skin to pick out bugs

considering i hate bugs... i am totally freaked out by the idea of this... especially since its real and a real possibility

OMG ... I so looked this up and it's the scariest thing ever.. Im really scared to eat anything or touch anything now.. Like they're finding that pesticides have a lot to do with it and parasites that the government refuses to say we have in america.. so gross.. they're like worm things.. i swear we're getting closer and closer to the ultimate zombie attack.. it's going to happen. At least im prepared

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I'm still waiting...

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I think that we decensitize ourselves by watching to much.(I cant get enough) Most of the Hollywood movies are no longer that scary. Asian movies have a different take on horror and I have been watching more and more of their movies. I won't watch them at night.

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I love the scary movies that don't make you jump but get under your skin and keep you creeped out after the movie is over like "The Shining", "Session 9" , and "Hard Candy"

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LOVE being scared!!!i get nightmares from them.yay me.


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