What The Hell!!!

What The Hell!!!

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just bored and made a profile to be honest i dont know waht im doin but I'll ask this, is this one of those ill watch a scary movie then get online and give my 2 cents sites? oh and blah blah blah, blah blah? WHATEVER Here's a poem I wrote..

THe RiGHt And u stand six electric boogie woogie woogie woo stan steve believe. Lap Crap and frogs a man from nantuckit kite bright to the light. Apple DowN droWn sock rock dirty. This read hello you tube britt to the hit it light to el nino stop pop to your prop lock bolt jolt HOTPOCKET holy joint point may clay. THE END.... OR IS IT? YES.

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yeah i totally get what your sayin. Finally some one said it!

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well its nice to see you have a good relationship with yourself.

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so this stuff really does get read.

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sure does...

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sometimes not well though, I'd swore you wrote clap trap somewhere when I first read your poem

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love the poem

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give us some more


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yea...what pigglee said we want more!!!

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well its nice to see you have a good relationship with yourself.



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