Write a horror movie scene, one line at a time

Write a horror movie scene, one line at a time

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I'll go first....

As Jenny looked out across the vast wilderness...

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...and then...Dante reared down and spoke the words....

" ..you got 3,50?"

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"Oh no!" she said.

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turned to take care of the rest. She was a mad woman! With an evil stare she cut the throat of the last zombie, smiling as she watched it's blood spill forth and it's body go limp to the ground. As it slowly fell to the floor it stretched it's rotting hands out to her. Jenny, still smiling wickedly, lifted her knees, placing her foot on it's head and kicked it to the floor! Without a second thought she put the bloody blade to her lips and licked the metal clean! The room was still and silent. The smell of rotten flesh and old blood filled the hot and humid air.

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As she stood there with the taste of fresh blood and hot metal on her lips, all her memories flooded to the front of her mind! The smell of the blood made her dizzy, dizzy with madness and a lust for more! She ran outside still gripping the chainsaw. All she could think of was the girl scouts and all of those damn cookies she had to sell !!!!!!!!!!!! She knew what she had to do!.......

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She had to get rid of them all for she could not stand Girl Scouts or those F'in nasty cookies for she was totally twisted and mentaly deranged but how could she get rid of the anoying Girl Scouts how you decide.......

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She finished licking the blood from the chainsaw and filled it with gas. She took one more look at the pile of blood and fur, turned and headed for town!

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When she arrived to the town, she stopped. All around her were burning buildings and rotting corpses. Her mind went to one thing....

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Troop 42 and those damn girl scouts must have beat her here! She turned red with rage, as she headed toward home. The thoughts of knocking on all those doors and trying to sell cookies once again filled her head. She pulled on the rope, harder and harder until it roared to life!

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Suddenly as the chainsaw roared to life so she could go after troop 49 her breath caught in her throat she heard a blood curtaling big long hisss staring her in the face was a 40 foot man eating Black Momba the most deadly snake in the world this was a trap set by troop 42 to slow her down so they could continue there killing spree without her getting in the way the snake had been experamented on when it was small so now it was a true man eater all part of the sick twisted plot of troop 42, slowly very slowly the snake came out of the hole it had dug in the ground inching closer and closer to her she tried to cut the snakes head off before it could strike but to late the huge tail knocked the Chainsaw out of her hands and it shut off she began dodging the snakes strikes but was getting tired fast she knew she had to stop troop 42 but had to deal with the snake to would she be bitten and die from the venom or would she kill the snake no one knows but her the old man she met earlyer gave her a book on how to kill monsters in it was a chapter on monster snakes and how to kill them she could here the old mans voice in her head as she tired to remember what she had read "The only way to kill a monster snake is to kill it from the inside out there is only one thing a snake needs to live that is vital to its servival that is it's heart she then knew what she had to do go inside the snake she was afraid but had no time to back out now the evil troop 42 had to be stopped so she let the snake eat her alive but it also swallowed the chainsaw she got the motor going and sliced the snakes heart out of the snakes body but before she knew what had happened she was back on the ground u see the suntan lotion she put on earlyer in the day saved her life it made the monster snake sick so it spit her and it's heart back up without a word the young girl squished the heart in her hand as hard as she could until it shattered in her hand the snake gave a few gasping breaths then hit the ground so hard blood leaked from its huge mouth and with that she continued her search for the evil troop 42.......

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Time passes as she searched and searched for Troop42. It wasnt until the very next day that she found the leaders of Troop42 impaled with pikes. She was astonished that her work was done...but by who? Who was the culprit? Zombies? The entire troop itself turning on the leaders? If this was so, why? If it was true...then what sort of demons is she dealing with?


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