FEAR. NET STOP THE POP UPS during On Demand showings!

FEAR. NET STOP THE POP UPS during On Demand showings!

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Am I the only film buff who is totally sick and tired of the annoying Pop-ups during films on Fearnet On Demand? Fear.net has the most irritating pop ups during shows , next to Cartoon Network's. Nothing like trying to watch an intense film and have the whole lower half of the frame blocked out by an advert telling you what network youre watching, but what other films are coming to it. YO FEARNET! STOP IT! tack the ads and trailers on the beginning of the film like a theater. I only pay extra for a cable box to enjoy horror films in my home, not to have it interrupted every 10 minutes with pop ups. What happend to movies being put ON DEMAND, being uninterrupted and COMMERCIAL FREE? Anyone else pied off by this crap?

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You can justify it all you want by saying that Fear.Net is a "free" service so they can get away with the pop ups, but while people may not have to pay for Fear.Net itself, they still have to pay extra to see any and all on demand shows and listings, and that IS on the cable bill. In reality, I have to pay extra for on demand programs, so I have to pay for Fear.Net, so knock off the pop ups. Oh, and pop ups to stop bootlegging? Give me a break, these movies are "free" for a reason, no one is going to pay for a bootleg when they can buy 99% of the "free" movies Fear.Net shows in a $2.00 DVD bin at Walmart or at a dollar store.


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Yeah Man Just Let Us Watch The Movie

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djwarchild, I don't mind the ads inbetween breaks but it's those during the show/movie that are annoying. 

RickRMortiz, Nickelodeon's is way worse than Cartoon Network's. Especially if you're watching in HD.


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