Wishmaster 10th Anniversary on FEARnet

Wishmaster 10th Anniversary on FEARnet

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Hey guys, just letting everyone know that we have a Wishmaster 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD on FEARnet.

Check out the site for:

-Storyboard-to-scene comparisons

-Interviews with Cast and Filmmakers

-Submit a Wish

-Photo galleries

-A Dedication to Djinn

-Personality Test - COMING SOON

-Downloads - COMING SOON

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thanks Gab

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Thanks for the great info..I have always been a BIG FAN of the WISHMASTER.hmmmmmmmmm..has anything to do with Kane Hodder..I ponder? None the LESS..I am looking forward to it.

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I love the wishmaster

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Yea the wishmaster is the man.

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