My pics

My pics

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Hey fellow fear netters.... Please stop by and check out my new pics!! I took them at the cemetery and hopefully raised a few spirits... hahaha.... but really... check them out and let me know what u think....pic 1) Graveyard Stroll and pic 2) I miss you.

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hello icu,..very nice photo your very attactive, the wings but have to ask don't those pointed shoes hurt ?,..thanks for sharing your pics with us.

Anonymous's picture

well thank u ockmick...actually the shoes are very comfy!

smithhh's picture

you are awesome my dear

sweetbitterkiss's picture

love your picture

Ruby2000's picture

I liked your picture. The dress was awesome. Your very pretty and actually look good in a cemetary. I hope you post more in the future.

Angelshadow's picture

Love the picture.

Anonymous's picture

thanks lots!!! got more pics up so check them out.

Babycakes's picture

I've seen these pics. They're beautiful!!

Lygophilia's picture

Very nice pictures. We all end up there eventually.

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Love you pics! They're beautiful!


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