saw 4 clip

saw 4 clip

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I hate the saw movies I don't want to see it or any other saw movie again they make no sense or anything and are dumb & totally sick to sick for my taste sorry its just how I feel

mothman's picture

then don't see them

Changeling's picture

I think it looks stupid. I mean what was the test to that trap?

mommas13's picture

looks like it will be gory. dont kno how they r gonna bring jigsaw back after the ending in Saw 3, unless it likes in someones memories or somethin. i wanna see it though just cuz i have seen all of the others, could be ok, could not be.... i guess i will just have to see it and find out. -M13

Macabre21's picture

i thought it looked awsome...dude couldnt see what was going on and the other guy couldnt voice anything.....

Alessa's picture

I can't wait to see this one!

The first Saw only took the writers 3 days to put together.. what kind of mind does a person have to have, to think this kind of shit up in THREE DAYS?!?!

nickgu's picture

i dont think it will be that great

but ill watch it anyways just to see

maybe it will suck maybe it wont

tami15's picture

don't know yet but i liked the first movies.

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The new saw movie might be good and ill go see it but like people said jigsaw is dead and such. Unless he lived or there is a copy cat type killer

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Hopefully it will be good, wonder how ling they will keep it up?

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