Polls: Which Urban Legend Are you Most reluctant to Try?

Polls: Which Urban Legend Are you Most reluctant to Try?

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Just as a precaution to all you daredevils out there, I thought I might share this.

There's been a police bulliton going around my area about a gang that drives around at night with their headlights off. If a car flashes their lights at them, they will kill everyone in the car, and that's how you get into the gang.

'Tisn't a legend, it's true. :/

So....don't. Just don't. D:

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Been there...bloodied Mary. Even tried "Biggy Smalls". Nothing happened.

I'm more afraid of the axe murderer in the backseat. Anyone else always peek in the back seat as they unlock their car?

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i'm not afraid of axe murders in my back seat but i check it for sleeping crackheads,.ever since i found one sleeping there the first time,..gotta remeber to lock the car more often.,..

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I tried doing Bloody Mary when I was 13. Nothing happened, but I always kind of wished it had.



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Coke and Pop Rocks. Just kidding. I would have to say Bloody Mary too. Hey, was there ever a horror flick about Bloody Mary? Something inside me says there was one...but I do not recall.

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I remember me & my friends doing the bloody mary thing many times as a kid. Nothing ever happened. I am not all that familiar with many urban legends, but I do constantly check my surroundings when I'm going to my car at night. As stated above by someone else, you really do have to watch out for crackheads.

I can't think of a bloody mary movie, but I do remember the candyman, which is basically the same ritual but a different boogey man appears. I think it's that black guy from the Allstate commercial's. But in the movie he's made out? of bee's & has a hook. Garrr!!!

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ha, yeah in candyman, the guys name is Tony Todd. awesome movie. however, the bloody mary thing is a little over rated for me, and the only movie would be urban legends 3 bloody mary. but if i could, my urban legend is id love to hang some chicks boyfriend above her car with his ring scratching the roof...

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Me personally I'm one of those people where I see people running away from the big scary thing then I run up to it and poke it with a stick. Bloody Mary would be a cool one to try I think I might do that. I'll keep you posted. I don't think there is a single urban legend I wouldn't try.

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Bloody Mary!!!!

Bloody Mary! This is a great childhood fear. I won't even think about her when I'm in the bathroom. I don't have a mirror in my bedroom and I won't let me kids try it! (not that their brave enough anyway!) I won't do that pop rocks and soda thing either. Just want to be on the safe side.

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i don't believe in urban legands because they just seem kind of kidish and lame so i wouldnt try any

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I tried the Bloody Mary deal, and nothing. I have been looking for The Lady of the Lake hear in Dallas for decades. My wife however is from the Southside of San Antonio, which I have to say is the most haunted city in Texas. I want to try the Railroad Tracks down there. My wife swears it is real. Has anyone here tried it??

I've never tried it, but I live in Austin and we have ALOT of ghost tours and ghost hunters around here. There is some awesome stuff in this part of Texas.

We have something here in AUSTIN called Hairy Man Road. It's a legend about and guy that used to live out there and something about him hanging from tress and scratching the roof of your car with his toenails. Haha.. that road is built up now - but we have a festival every year called the Harry Man Festival. I think you can even google him and something comes up.

As far as urban legends - I've done the bloody mary thing for my kids a few times just to show them there was nothing to be afraid of.

I would have to say the ax murderer in the back seat, only because that's something that could so easily happen.



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