Polls: Which Urban Legend Are you Most reluctant to Try?

Polls: Which Urban Legend Are you Most reluctant to Try?

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Just as a precaution to all you daredevils out there, I thought I might share this.

There's been a police bulliton going around my area about a gang that drives around at night with their headlights off. If a car flashes their lights at them, they will kill everyone in the car, and that's how you get into the gang.

'Tisn't a legend, it's true. :/

So....don't. Just don't. D:

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i am sooooo  superstitious... always have been. I think its all about believing in what you are saying(Bloody Mary) that fuels these urban legends. Im a very firm believer in the power of the  spoken word so there was no way i would ever try this one again.. made it to 3x and then i freaked out...  i think i was 12 or 13 at the time


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i'm really scared to try the bloody mary one, because everyone i have talked to that has tried it has gotten scratched pretty bad, don't think anyones has died from it yet.


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