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I would embrace it, the power the life that comes with it is to tempting to fight it, or maybe i have seen to many movies.

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Well, I already embraced it. Very cool. The only thing I miss is a good sunrise.

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I dont wanna get shot with a supersoaker holy water gun XD...........

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well just go on a killing spree if there realy evil if i got changed then thay realy fucked up lol

the movies are amazing lol

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i'd embrace it, then i'd turn all my enemies so they'd become my bitches!!!

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i would totally embrace it! that would be sooo cool

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I would totally embrace it! The power and abilities gained would be well worth it. I would pass it on to any sexy lady who asks.

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Embrace it all the way!!!

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It depends. If I get some interesting abilities like flight, transfiguration, and super strength, I'm all for it. I'd probably milk it for all it's worth.

But if all I get is a cheesy accent and an overbite, then I'd probably fight it.

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I'd like to live almost forever, but when it got to the point where I had killed everyone who deserved it and gained all the knowledge I cared to know, I think I'd have to end it.

I do hate sunlight. It's getting to the point where it hurts, cuz I'm never in it.

But geez, I just can't stand vampire movies. The only things I liked were

1)the vampires in 30 Days of Night cuz they weren't all beautiful and sophisticated and aristocratic and sensual and puke-ity puke.

2)they actually turned Antonio Banderas into a pasty vampire in Interview - love you, Armand

3)George Clooney's tattoo in Dusk till Dawn

other than those compelling argumentative points I'll have to......start a new thread, actually

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