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Cause of Death:i was slashed up and eaten

Where they were found: in ice cream.

Who was the victum:Mr.Kruger

how was he identifiednA

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Ii was cut up and my eyes was poped out off my head now i'am stuck where i was killed who did this to me i ask why me why me now i shell kill until i find the right person care to get in my way cause i will kill u to ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!

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i commited suicied while cooking in my home in cali then a mysterious man bit me my neck and another soon after.

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I tried to kill myself while cleaning my house, Then I was bitten by a vampire and now I walk the earth only in the evening.

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im dead too we have alot in common

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I was hacked to peices in a medeivel battle my body and weapons were burned in that same hour I was feasting in Valhall. Tonight I may fall again, but I will fall again for sure when Ragernack happens. So will you.

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