Better than My Space

Better than My Space

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this has got to be the coolest website to chat on. forget my space i love this one. at least everyone here has something in common "horror films"

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I'm not much of chatter and was completely unaware this site had a chat...thanks! :)

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Well kiddies looks like this very old post has been reseructed, 4 years ago makes a difference lots of little ones back then,,,,,," OOOO this place is so much cooler than myspace" Yippppie can we break out the cool aide now lol

Im not sure if the chat even works here hun and the above is no directed at you lol, most connect via boards blogs and comments on each others pages if your over 18 and would like to chat you may want to speak with Joe S Or Jmart or Sakbeerslayer,  ahh and I see that you are over 18 so if your like the chat talk to them


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used to be a audiogalaxy regular and then it died,myspace is kids stuff,facebook is to churchy! I hope this house of horror's is just the place i need to find thrilling coversation,slashing video!


You will find we have a little bit of EVERYTHING with the common thread being HORROR. Have fun and enjoy the site. A lot of really great people here.


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Never heard of it...

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quote fear.jpg


sick side.jpg







widows quote.jpgfearnet pic.jpg



my world.jpg

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Fearnet = Scary shit on the internet

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my space took my land and raped my sux!!

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LOL-  My Space-  I am a newbie on Fearnet-  I didnt even know how involved this site was-  I just thought that you could watch movies on it-  WOW was I surprised-  I love this site- and all of the people on here are very friendly, helpful and welcoming !!  I am happy to be here : )

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I deleted my account on Myspace about 1 month ago.

I agree with some of the other posters here. I like it here because we all have something in common.

I still belong to facebook because most of my family is on there.

Yes, this is an awesome communtiy here.


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