What is your favorite brand of Horror

What is your favorite brand of Horror

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My ultimate favorite in horror has to be,"Possesion."

I love the slashers but something about the mankind vs. all of evil in it's purest form just creates such intrigue I have to watch more and more. If it's based on a true story I love it even more.

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Psychological thrillers do make for the best nightmares. The scariest movies I've seen weren't all too scary when I first saw them, but afterwards, when I thought about it, dear God it freaked me out. Take the Blair Witch Project. I watched it and thought, what a waste of time. Then I did some research on the Bible story and the piles of sticks, and was afraid to sleep alone. I am such a wuss. The most frightening things happen in your mind, not on the screen. Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, and Saw are the best I've seen. Hannibal Lector is so creepy.

I also love gore. Blood and guts makes me so happy. That's why Saw is so great. It's the best of my favorites.

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Vampire, werewolf, and demon movies are my favorite but I do enjoy others.


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