Clowns Scare Me

Clowns Scare Me

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I think they are the creepiest thing on earth. Run for your life!!

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Clowns are creepy, my brother is deathly afraid of clowns...geez I would terrorize him soo bad with clowns, I rememeber one day he took a nap in my when I came home from work, I put on the movie "It" and just let it play...needless to say he woke up and didnt speak to me for a few days..LOL

Now i always threaten him on his birthday I always tell him I am going to send him a Clown like a singing tellagram..LOL

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Perfect Place for me to kill!

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I love clowns because they are so creepy!! I will watch any horror flick with clowns or some type of carnival theme, because of this reason. However, one movie I do regret watching is S.I.C.K. Waste of time!! Thank god I was a little tipsy when I watched it.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I hate them and the mall Santa is pretty creepy too! They smell like peanuts, elephants and grease paint ewwww. The Poltergeist clown and Clown's from OuterSpace movies convinced me they are evil. possessed or alien human being eating machines! What's the name of the phobia for this Hmmm?

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one word, "it"

never liked clowns ever since i saw that.

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The clown doll in poltergeist was pretty creepy. I don't know who would buy their kid something like that. Well maybe the same people who would buy a home over an indian burial site.

That clown pushed me over the edge. I won't watch a scary movie now if I know that theirs a clown in it.

*** No, I'm not a corpse, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. ***

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when i see a clown, i punch it.

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im scared of clowns too some friends and i were walking through the mall one day and there was a pic. of one in one of the shoe store windows i screamed really loud and sat on the floor on the verge of crying my friend laughed at me

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WARNING: their is an image of a clown on this post! sorry, couldn't resist!!


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clowns have stalked me since I was 5 they're to happy nothing can be that happy, NOTHING!!!! I got kicked out of McDondals once because there was a real life Ronald and I threw my drink at him. Stupid clown.


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