Screen Name Meaning

Screen Name Meaning

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House Of Krazees9

Is an old band with Twiztid n Roc. 9 is my lucky number- birthday and all that fun stuff.

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Well, Im a Comic Lover. One day I was Smoking some...well...Ya know...and Drinking a 'Lost...' Energy Drink. I was staring at all the neat pictures of the Can and Noticed a neat Pic of a Gas Mask (Something I always thought looked kinda Cool). And for whatever reason, I as Pictured Cyanide as a Bright (Almost Neon) Green Gas. And one would wear a Gas Mask to avoid getting killed by said Gas. I looked down into the Bowl to see a Green Piece of..well....ya know...Smoking. It all clicked and 'Cyanide Smoker' was born.

The 'X' was added because when I got my XBox 360, I was to lazy to port my old account over, So I just added an X. Also, Cyanide Smoker is my Main Character in an MMO called 'City of Heroes'. Also, Cyanide Smoker Colors are Black with Neon Green Trim

*Note*:The above may seem like a long story, but in my frame of mind that night, it all clicked together quickly. Just looks like it took a long time in writing.

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I was misdiagnosed with manic depression.

I am actually schizophrenic with mulitple personality disorder, while bipolar and with slight tendencies toward nymphomania, cannibalism and shapeshifting.


Coming to you live from Waverly Hills Sanitorium...resurrected as Waverly Hills Institution for the Criminally Insane.

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TheUnSub is the unknown suspect of a crime, tee hee.

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Actually, I got mine from the movie Shrek. When the movie came out, just about everyone I knew pointed at me and said I was Shrek.

Since I am not green, I figured it was due to my ogre ways and there ya go.

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Lestat is the seventh son of the marquis d'Auvergne and was born in 1760, in Auvergne, France in a castle belonging to his ancestors.Despite his apparent highborn background he grew up in relative poverty; his ancestors squandered the family riches. As the youngest in the family, Lestat stood to inherit nothing.

Perhaps the most pivotal moment in his mortal life was when he was nearly killed by a pack of wolves he was hunting in mountains surrounding Auvergne. He returned home a different person, determined to follow his own path.

He goes into a deep depression about his encounter with the wolves and the meaning of life, and with a friend, Nicolas, he leaves Auvergne and heads for Paris, intending to become an actor. During a performance, he attracted the attention of an ancient vampire named Magnus, who abducted and held him prisoner.

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I am Freddy Krueger's Chick of course. :-) Didn't think i needed to explain my screen name much. I am such a big Freddy fan!

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Alot of people on other forums think I got my name from the old Disney movie; "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet" but it's really a name I used as the main character for a short mystery story I had to write for school, and afterwards people started calling me Johnny Fedora because of the story and because I wore a fedora most of the time for an unrelated purpose.

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Mine's three fold:

1) it's a suped up engine they use to use in Chevy police cars (not to be confused with the 427intercepter engines used in Ford police cars).

2) it goes well with damn near any avatar I have(or picture I make an avatar).

3) I like the sound of it.

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My name means evil's favorite slave in latin!

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Bloodthirsty Dragoness here.Kindred spirit to my beloved winged serpents. Blood Dragoness




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