Screen Name Meaning

Screen Name Meaning

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House Of Krazees9

Is an old band with Twiztid n Roc. 9 is my lucky number- birthday and all that fun stuff.

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my name is a song title by the Beatles, with slight changes.


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Thanks! My offscreen name is Melissa


I always thought that your name shianname was like your name was shian. So now i know, thats pretty cool

a lot more creative then mine

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My name means evil's favorite slave in latin!

That is very, very cool... My name is simple...

Spencer - That is my last name... I love it!!!!

11 and 33 are my favorite numbers.

If and when I write another horror story, I plan on naming the evil character Spencer...

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Mine's a song by my favorite band.

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Jaded=Because I am...

Sky=Because my names Skylar

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Soul Reaper,

Reaper = Harvester.

So basically, harvester/collector of souls.

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Just like the sound of Amuria.

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my nam has 2 meaning so the frist on is that a scream really loud durring a scary movie if its good enough the scecond is iam in love withe the scream trilogy so thats where the scream and queen com in 2 play the 17 is just my age so thats me.............

hi how u doing what new how u wanna die ...from sindny in scream 3


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I could give you the full story, but then I'd have to hunt you all down.

Suffice it to say that it's a name I use online a lot. The "kid" part was much more appropriate years ago.

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I used to use "Longshot" based on the comic book character, but, too many people took it to mean something porno. Waaaaay back in the day, when AOHell bought eWorld (Mac's version of AOHell) I had to come up with a new name, because Longshot was (thankfully) taken.

Every name I tried was taken.

Finally, I looked down, and there on the desk was an article about the death of Brandon Lee on the set of 'The Crow' and the headline said, "From the grave the show must go on."

So I picked Graveshow.

And it stuck


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